Repo Man 2010

Not to be mistaken with the Repo Man 1984 starring Emilio Estevez. A movie Id rather forget. Reading a review that said this movie had a lot of gore. Bingo! this is the best way if you want me to see a movie. In the future big company’s do what ever they want. Sounds too familiar and not so much science fiction. There doesn’t seem to be any laws for people in the future. Profit the bottom line and human life not worth the contract they sign. It’s a very bleak future where every one pays. The thought that there are no winners in war. So this tale of technology advancement. Losing that human compasion and kindness to your fellow man. I feel there is no hope for the future.

It’s possible Jude Law becomes best known for his hair style. Jude Law is Remy with his best friend and coworker Jake played by Forest Whitaker. These men repo organs from people. First the company charges insane prices. If a person falls behind their payments the repo man comes a knocking. This concept really pisses me off. I think of all the over priced pharmaceutical drugs companies make a fortune on. What’s worse they basically kill the person. I think a society can easily loose it self and it all starts with fear.

What seems like a routine job for Remy turns out to be life changing. Remy has an accident and gets a heart transplant and a payment plan. After his accident Remy can’t repo organs off people any more. Falling behind payment. That’s right the reaper is coming, I mean repo(same). Remy wonders in the city slums and meets Beth played by Alice Braga. The two embark on a journey of survival. Hoping along the way putting an end of big companies.

There is a small part for John Leguizamo as Asbury. John usually funny plays a short part and pretty serious yet he is always a character. Liev Schreiber plays evil company man Frank. Frank seem funny to me, his lines where unusual and sarcastic. Forest Whitaker seem pretty neutral for the most part. Which only adds to the twist ending. I have to say I didn’t like the ending. Maybe its reason is to make a point of a world we don’t want to be a part of. At least I hope that’s the reason or something like that. Because its pretty messed up ending. Over all highly recommend this movie. Don’t be afraid of the bloody core. In the end its a love story in the future. Stranger things have happen.


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