Inception 2010

To me the movie trailer looks chaotic making no sense. I like the description the matrix meets James Bond.(something like that) Creating a world of dreams in your mind is nothing new. In the world of computers and Sci-Fi this has always been a good landscape. You know technology is in the forefront of entertainment when you get a star like Leonardo Dicaprio involved. Its what is hot today and I love it. In this reality information is stolen in peoples dreams. This is a tricky movie because its easy to loose the audience if it gets too complicated. A nice job done by the director and cast to keep it understandable. It really rides on the edge. Its a good thing I don’t get vertigo. I guess all those games are paying off. On a side note, I noticed a lot a of senior citizen at this movie. It seem pretty strange. I could only guess its the big hollywood name DiCaprio. Still I don’t see the interest.

Leonardo Dicaprio is Cobb. He steals secrets from peoples mind through constructed dreams. Cobb has a team. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Arthur. Ellen Page is Ariadne. Tom Hardy is Eames. Ken Watanabe is Saito the man who hires Cobb. Saito’s business competition is getting too big. The job is plant an idea an Inception into the competitor’s mind to break up his business. As the team prepares only Ariadne notices there is something wrong with Cobb. As the preparations go we learn Cobb’s past of his wife and guilt about her death.

The chaotic fun starts when they enter the dreams of Robert Fischer, Jr. played by Cillian Murphy. The trick is the team has to create dreams within dreams. Yes its complicated as you can imagine. Once the job is done getting back is complicated because of the layers of dreams within you just can’t wake up duh! This is where the directing and editing really comes to shine. I would understand if the movie lost its focus. Mainly loosing the audience making sense of it all. Surprisingly it all made sense watching three scenes at the same time.

Under the plot James Bond style theres the story of Cobb and his deceased wife Mal played by Marion Cotillard. Mal appears in the dreams because Cobb can’t’ let her go. She jeopardizes the job putting every ones life in danger. Marion Cotillard is a good antagonist base on Cobb’s guilt and love. So much going on it all blends very well. Ellen page stands on her own as the architect of dreams and the one with some common sense that really saves the team. Actually Arthur and Eames come up big in different dream levels. Another movie worth going to the theaters to get the full effect.


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