Babysitter Wanted 2008

I was thinking a nice gore flick was due. Every now and then I just need some gore. What could be better than babysitter slasher flick. Feeling confident in knowing what I’m getting into but I was wrong! Yes there is gore but the story was unexpected. How fun to be surprised especially when speaking of horror films. Nothing worse than a predictable slasher. Worse knowing who the killer is. That’s part of the fun for me. Right off I’m sizing the characters trying to guess who’s the nut job killer.

Sarah Thompson plays Angie Albright. Leaving home for the first time for college. Angie is a nice girl with a religious background. She shows up to college and soon looks for a part time job. Angie meets Rick played by Matt Dallas. Rick appears to be religious as well and Angie starts to feel things might not be so bad. Especially after meeting her roommate. Erica played by Jillian Schmitz, who is a party girl. The dorm room was so bad. Meanwhile some stranger is watching Angie, too obvious can’t be the killer. Turns out to be Father Nicoletta (Monty Bane) I must say that is the scariest father I have ever seen. As expected Angie answers a wanted list to babysit. Of course its at a farm in the middle of nowhere. Young ladies I ask is the money really worth it? Angie goes to the house to meet the parents and child she would babysit. Violet Stanton (Kristen Dalton) and Jim Stanton (Bruce Thomas) seem pretty normal.(not sure about them) The little boy is shy and doesn’t talk but no big deal. Friday comes along and its time to babysit. Now our good father Nicoletta shows up trying to get in. Angie starts to worry (girl you have no idea). The little boy Sam Stanton (Kai Caster) wakes and says he’s hungry. Angie is told the boy has a special diet. All he could eat is labeled. Turns out to be meat. Ok! Everybody something is wrong with this kid. This is the time to run.

Oh yeah! I figured the parents out. I must say what a surprise the whole story was. I think the story had a lot of holes but still entertaining anyway. It had a low budget feel. Hey what an ideal. Not much special effects. A story and some acting. Huh! I like it. Not a ton of gore but enough for sure. The added twist to me was the father Jim mentions the boy can’t be hurt and that many have tried. Jim was very entertaining with his nonchalant attitude about the whole thing. The end was kind of expected when Angie returns to find the dagger the father Nicoletta carried around. The girl is on a mission. Maybe its just me loving horror flicks but I definitely suggest this little gem. Good popcorn times


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