Youth in Revolt 2009

Who could forget the lovable Bleeker from Juno? I have to say the movie trailer just about shows the movie and all its funny parts. It was funny especially the dialogue. But that soft spoken voice its pretty easy to miss it. The antics are pretty tame but it fits the character and the story nothing over the top. Michael Cera’s character is a lot like Bleeker except for more dialogue. I usually get a kick out of movies with teens coming of age mainly because its funny.

Michael Cera plays Nick Twisp (a.k.a. Bleeker) who is a virgin. His family goes on vacation where he meets his first love. Sheeni Saunders played by Portia Doubleday. The two get to know each other but are soon separated. Nick and Sheeni make a plan that back fires and soon out of control. Nick being a shy virgin creates an alter ego something of a bad ass. The only crazy act was when Nick accidentally crashes a trailer and blows the trailer and car. It seems this could have been explored for some laughs but no suck luck. Justin long plays Sheeni’s brother. I think he’s funny but not much of a character. Other let downs were Steve Buscemi his character never developed any laughs. Are you sensing I was expecting a funny movie? It seem more of a PG-13 to me.

I have seen worse, actually the movie was decent. I just expected to be a lot funnier. I didn’t even mention Zach Galifianakis because there wasn’t much to say. Zach is a funny guy its a shame to miss his talents. Which is the over all feeling of the movie with usually good actors. Of course the beauty of a dollar rental what can you say but not bad. On a lighter note Nick and Sheeni are a cute match. If only I would have met a girl like Sheeni in my school days. Except I don’t think I would turn to a life of crime but that’s just me.


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