Predators 2010

I was excited to see this on the big screen. Some movies you have to see at the theaters. This movie follows the original films. Predator 1987 with Arnold Schwarzengger. Predator 2 1990 with Danny Glover. In a way it has a feel of a prequel. The one thing for sure this movie separates itself from the Alien vs Predator movies. A good sequel remembers the old by expanding the ideas of the first. Then it expands from the original with bigger and better of everything. One thing about the first two they had a good cast full of characters.

One of my favorite lines “your bleeding” “I don’t have time to bleed” something like that. Who could forget Arnold kicking ass! Plus we see the Predator take his mask off that was classic. The follow up with Danny Glover and his crew. Bill Paxton always funny. Gary Busey as a government agent. After Glover kicks ass he gets a reward and survives. This movie follows the previous formula. It’s nice when a sequel makes some kind of sense. I don’t really care but if it makes the movie exciting what the heck.

I never pictured Adrian Brody in an action film. Brody plays Royce, like everybody else he is dropped off into a jungle. Soon Royce leads the party of mercenaries. There are plenty of characters. Danny Trejo plays honestly Danny Trejo! Alice Braga is Isabelle a sniper. Topher Grace is Edwin who appears to be a doctor. Walton Goggins plays a convict Stans. Louis Ozawa Changchien plays Hanzo a Japanese Yakuza. Mahershalahasnbaz Ali plays Mombasa. Oleg Taktarov plays Nikolai he uses the machine gun similar to the original. The fun starts with some wild creatures like dogs attacking the group. After surviving the dog attack the group follows the tracks to see who their captors are. I like the action the movie moves pretty swiftly which is usually good for an action flick. The Predators are cunning and ruthless. All to prove your a man there must be an easier way.

The movie has many surprises at least for me. One of them was Noland played by Laurence Fishburne. Nolan has been surviving for some time. I think the story shows the many natures of people. The very helpless doctor has a different agenda. Predator hunting Predator that was unexpected! Your logic will surely be tested. The Predator was pretty much the same even the so called bigger predator. No real insights but the action carries you away. After watching the movie I concur you will enjoy the action on a big screen. If you love the originals or just some alien action (weird) this will entertain for sure. I will see it again on DVD.


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