Brooklyn’s Finest 2010

Cops and criminals I always want to see what will happen. I seem to enjoy bad guys more than bad cops. It’s that old feeling if you can’t trust a cop we are screwed! The whole idea of making the stories more realistic. At first I thought ok this is intense. Now I guess I grew tired of real give me some fiction. I miss the days when dirty harry was excessive but on bad guys. You feel like justice may be something reachable. When you bring every one at a even plain as far as movies goes it gets sort of boring. Whats so great about being realistic or honest. Maybe its for the younger generation.

The movie has a huge cast of some big time actors. Mainly Richard Gere and Don Cheadle. But you can’t forget Ethan Hawke, Wesley Snipes and Ellen Barkin. Richard Gere is Eddie a cop with a week away from retirement. Eddie drinks to wake up and contemplates ending his life. Ethan Hawke is Sal with money problems. Sal is a cop on the wrong side of the law justified by his need to provide for his family. Don Cheadle plays Tango an under cover cop. Tango has been under cover too long. He feels his starting to side with the bad guys more than being a cop. I wonder the idea if you act long enough you become what you pretend to be. Wesley Snipes plays Caz he’s actually a bad guy. Tango and Caz have become very close. Tango shows he’s conflicted with doing his job and looking after Caz like a brother. The movie moves along as each characters daily lives are revealed. If it wasn’t for Tango’s conflicted life the movie would of lagged for me. So I lean to say Don Cheadle leads the way. He did a similar role in Traitor. He’s a great actor has a presence about him. Eddie has an interesting relationship with a prostitute Chantel played by Shannon Kane. As each character comes to peak in the movie it all takes place in the same apartment complex.

The line between good guy and bad guy are definitely blurred here. Sal with his wife and kids looks like a common criminal on drugs willing to to anything. Tango not knowing his identity anymore only feeling attachment to Caz because its the only real thing being an undercover cop. Eddie losing all hope after wanting to leave it all with Chantel. She tells him to leave because she doesn’t believe she can have a better life. The unlikely hero was a great way to finish. Eddie is about to end his life when he sees a girl who is reported missing. He remembers her picture at the police station. He decides to follow the van she is shoved into. The whole time I’m thinking Eddie is going to blow it. He was so scared and with good reason. It’s a good drama despite the same cop story. The end is worth seeing but bitter sweet. Eddie saves three girls from being sex slaves. Tango pays the price for our society and all its mess. Police to Federal agents everyone was concern with their career rather than trying to make a difference so the cycle continuous.


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