The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I had heard of the books by Stieg Larsson. I never got around to reading the book and was surprised to hear the movie was out and on DVD! I know I’m in a small town but how did this get by me. Maybe it’s old age. we have Internet for crying out loud! Anyway I hear on PBS of all places it’s a trilogy and all the movies are made. With the second coming soon. I have to say this was a shocker of the content. I knew the main plot but nothing prepared me for Lisbeth Salander’s character. I think I will still wonder what the hell did I just see. Salander is just so tragic and courages and that huge dragon tattoo! I guess it embodied her fighting spirit to stand up for her self mixed with piercing and demons in the past. I could only imaging the character in text. Makes me wish I would have read the books.

The movie centers around a journalist and a computer hacker trying to figure out the disappearance of Harriet Vanger played by Ewa Froling. The journalist Mikael Blomvist played by Michael Nyqvist. Bloomvist is hired by a wealthy man to find her missing Gran daughter. Henrik Vanger believes Harriet was killed. Our hacker Lisbeth Salander works for a security company. She hacks computers to discover information for their customers. She had digitally investigated Mikael Blomvist. Lisbeth had access to Blomvist computer and learned of the disappearing woman. Early on Lisbeth had to deal with a man who was appointed as guardian. This man used his position to rape and abuse Lisbeth. She tapes the man rapping her and so frees her self with the evidence at hand. The scenes are intense and Lisbeth shows the dragon her instinct to survive and deal with a problem. This is why I was speechless because she seems so helpless yet she manages to have the last word. Further along Lisbeth keeps looking into Blomvist’s computer and she sees a clue. She decides to send an email to Blomvist and soon they are hard at work in this mystery crime. Their suspects are the family Vanger which Henrik says he trust no one. One clue leads to another soon they discover murders throughout the years. Mikael Bloomvist and Lisbeth Salander begin to develop a relationship. This is the oddest couple yet. When the killer is found his demise seems more of a vigilante caring out his justice. But its not all tears and fighting to survive.

The story with old money with their secrets and technology is right there, a good balance of both worlds colliding. There is a lot of family issues which seem to be the trend with all families in this movie. A drama that delivers a punch. Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander has quite a character that could be something of a hero. I am curious about the sequels. I liked the way the clues came together unfolding the story. This is what a good writer does. Create a world with rich character that leave an impression on our minds. If your not afraid to get alittle dirty and perhaps not too many bones in the closet this is a drama not to miss. But be warn it’s not for the shy people. It’s perfect for little towns people! Haha! I kidd I kidd


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