She’s out of my League

This is one of those movies where the trailer looks so funny you have to see it. It’s bad when the funniest part are on the movie trailer. I must say I was surprised how much I enjoyed this movie. I kept thinking no way this young lady goes for this guy. But stranger things have happen. Like movies past the honesty approach creates funny situations any one can find themselves. It’s a formula becoming the standard for comedy maybe since Something about Mary. At times its crude put in an honest way making the situation more acceptable. Filling you with a silly mood remembering that one time.

Jay Baruchel is Kirk having trouble letting go of his ex girlfriend. Kirk is a regular guy with regular friends but he struggles to believe in himself. His friends don’t know how to help much. T.J. Miller plays Stainer, Nate Torrence is Devon and Mike Vogel is Jack. They all work at the airport. Alice Eve plays Molly a beautiful and successful woman. Molly leaves her phone at the airport. Patty played by Krysten Ritter calls her phone. By chance Kirk finds the phone and agrees to drop off the phone at a party Molly coordinated as work. Molly finds Kirk honest and safe unlike the men she had dated. She becomes willing to get to know Kirk better. The fun begins when nobody can believe it. His friends think its impossible this is real. Kirk’s family are impressed but doubtful not believing in Kirk. It’s not the same movie but I was reminded of the movie Can’t buy me Love with Patrick Dempsey. I thought that movie worked because after cleaning up he looked decent. You clean up Baruchel and he looks like the movie theater attendant. I know that sounds bad but really the guy is goofy.

Barachel’s goofy character builds on a funny movie. Kirk’s ex Marnie played by Lindsay Sloane was very funny. She enters the dining room dress like a prostitute that was great. Miss Krysten Ritter could be some one interesting in future films. Something like Zooey Deschanel very cute and quite talented in a mad kind of way. I would think the movie is for most who don’t mind a few curse words. It definitely had me laughing throughout the movie between the serious talk. All that stuff I’m a 5 and she’s a 10. There’s no way a could ever. Also your somebody Kirk your the best guy I know. (Even though Stainer only knows a handful of people at best) Man it’s so easy to make fun of these guys it seems wrong but why am I still laughing. Don’t tell anyone just watch and enjoy.


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