The Host

Monster movies you would think there would be more with CGI. Thinking back I enjoyed movies like Godzilla (1998)with Matthew Broderick. In 2006 we see The Host. Most recently there was Cloverfield (2008). Not too many really seems odd. I guess the comic super hero’s are the interest right now. The little kid in me loves monster movies. It’s probably the beginning of my interest in science fiction. Something magical in a creature bigger than life it brings awe and fright at the same time. In the Host there is a mixture of the mystery of a creature fueled by human pollution and politics. It all comes together with a family struggling to find their little girl who’s been taken by the monster.

The family with their common problems had to come together. I really felt for them especially with a government so clue less. The father of the missing girl is just a lost cause. For such a loser he steps up to save his daughter. All the family members shows love and courage. The monster was first rate. A lot of times when you finally see the monster its usually disappointing. The Host has really created one of the best monsters. I could never get enough seeing the monster with all its strange features. The Family left to their own set out to rescue the missing girl. To top it off the final showdown was classic. After a chemical being release a fish falls off the creature I love it.

The movie was so good I had to buy the DVD. Like mentioned before its not every day when you find a good monster flick. Good story and cast even the English dubbing was decent. Actually I didn’t pay attention much to it. Sometimes in the past the old monster movies with the funny English dubbing made it fun to see. Besides the comic relief of the father in his lazy character. This movie was a serious adventure of nature going terribly wrong. Monster fans don’t miss this one!


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