Green Zone (2010)

I have to get this out first thing. Like the Bourne movies. The camera moves with the action mainly the running around. Everything is blurry and you can’t make out the action its the most irritating then as it is now. For the love of movies stop already it gives me a headache! I don’t feel like I’m in the heat of battle. I feel I’m missing the movie because some fool can’t keep a steady hand. The idea of the movie is interesting to me. What happen in Iraq. I saw the television and media. There is always more to the story especially for the people of Iraq. I thought since the US didn’t find Weapons of Mass Destruction was bad. The main reason to see this movie was to watch Matt Damon in action.

Matt Damon plays Miller searching for (WMD). After every location Miller never finds any evidence of any chemical or weapons. Miller begins to question the Intel. At a military meeting Miller speaks out questioning the Intel. The leaders tell Miller to follow orders and let them worry about military Intel. CIA agent Martin Brown played by Brendan Gleeson suspects the same and approaches Miller. Soon Miller is on the chase for the truth. A local tells Miller there is a meeting taking place which he considers criminals against the people. As Miller starts to get close to the truth. Clark Poundstone played by Greg Kinnear tries to block Miller from finding the truth. Amy Ryan plays Lawrie Dayne a journalist who first wrote a piece about WMD. Who now feels uncertain about what she thought was the facts from a government official. This movie needs a good soldier to do Poundstone’s dirty work. Jason Isaacs plays Briggs. Briggs looks good with his mustache. A real good soldier killing without questioning. You can see the rubble the city is in and people without basic needs.

The movie was decent but the ending rather flat. Pretty much the same as real events. Did any one else wonder or care that there was no WMD. Maybe its too embarrassing for the government and people. As far as movie entertainment its worth the rental. Beside the jerky camera at times and the ending. Getting there was good. The movie seem to fly by which is usually good rather than falling a sleep. Lastly the characters didn’t really build up. Nothing to relate with any of the cast. Maybe its more action but usually with me it pulls me in cheering for the character. Which equals to a better movie experience. I will finish saying the action was very potent. It reminded me when just the other day I was playing Call of Duty very cool!


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