Frailty 2001

Recently I saw this movie again and I thought it worth posting on the blog. Everything about this movie was entertaining. It seems a very different movie for Matthew McConaughey. He seems so natural as a fun easy going surfer. I can’t remember how I came to watch this movie. Probably because of McConaughey and Bill Paxton in the movie. I love it when you don’t know much about a movie and you find a great movie. I try not to use “great” too much but I feel it applies here.

The mixture of a father and his two sons with religious tones creates an eerie movie. Bill Paxton plays the father who has a visit from an angel. The angel reveals demons on earth. He is chosen to destroy these demons. I’m thinking dad has totally lost it. His oldest son Adam (Jeremy Sumpter) thinks dad might be losing it. His younger brother Fenton seems to go along with everything dad says. The story is told by a man saying his Adam Meiks. He goes to the FBI with information he ask to talk to the agent in charge of the case. He meets agent Wesley Doyle. Adam declares he knows the serial killer Agent Doyle is looking for. Doyle hears the story and starts to be interested. The whole time it seems Dad is just killing people. The dad and the oldest son Adam struggle with each other. The son Adam deceives his father and ends up killing him. The man tells Doyle the man he seeks is his brother. Agent Doyle wants to see where the bodies are buried. When they arrive the truth comes out. The man Doyle has been talking to is the younger brother Fenton. Fenton used the story to get to agent Doyle who got on his list. Fenton took on his fathers place after he was killed by the older brother.

For me the movie has it all for a crime mystery. First a good story line with a very good cast. The first time I watched I was glued to the screen. With the young boys you start to feel for the older brother thinking he is the rational one. Then the twist with agent Doyle played by Powers Boothe was classic. It’s both horror and crime mystery in a very fun way to watch. I don’t remember how well this movie did at the theaters or over all but one film worth seeing. Probably its subtle view of doing Gods work was based on belief and not any special effects gives the story a mystery for the viewer to make assumptions. Serial killers or Gods work its just genius. One of the best twist in a movie I highly recommend.


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