Shutter Island

Remember when a young Dicaprio would be easy going smiling and flirting with the ladies. Well minus the movie Basketball diaries. Now a days very serious and Id say he has a violent character down. I think those blues eyes would serve better with a little playboy swagger. I know this is a serious drama I get it. Mainly hes a likable guy and you should use it every time. This kind of movie for me is hard to watch. I have to remind myself to be patient till the end when everything fits together. I’m not patient at all (bad me). There is quite a good cast not really jumping out performance but still good. I have seen good movies with Ben Kingsley. I’m a fan of Patricia Clarkson in any movie. Emily Mortimer is very sweet loved her in Match Point and Transsiberian good flick. So many other good actors Mark Ruffalo, Max von Sydow, Ted Levine that I immediately recognize. I think thats a tough one with so much talent might just bland everybody.

Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) a Marshal is investigating a missing woman in a hospital for the criminally insane. You might notice when Daniels dock with his partner the guards are all there with their guns on full alert. It’s the usual police drama. The staff doesn’t seem to want to help making the Marshall’s investigation move very slowly. At first I’m trying to figure out is the doctor crazy or the patient. Mark Ruffalo as the other Marshal does a good job not giving it away. The drama builds up as more of the puzzle unfolds. It’s clear were going to the light house. It’s only then that I start to appreciate the whole movie when it all comes together. But I had to be patient which is hard for me. Lets not forget Michelle Williams as wife Dolores Chanal. She was good in the movie Deception. I was surprise in this movie she played nobody’s home crazy very well. She looks into the camera and I’m hypnotized done. One thing I like was the vistas around the Island.

Here is my problem I expected too much. The movie was good had me guessing some enough. The cast man! what did it cost I wonder? It’s probable if you see it again you would catch little things you didn’t register the first time, that’s always fun. Do I want to see the movie again tomorrow Ah no. But latter is good. DiCaprio needs to be careful all that tension something might pop! The end was clever I thought the movie might be a little more scary. Too much psycho babble in a general kind of way. The end was rather unfulfilling. I picture going out fighting making a huge scene dropping a few guards.


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