From Paris with Love

Is it just me or do you have to see a John Travolta movie. Must I say it Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Pulp Fiction, Get Shorty and Swordfish just the ones I like. I didn’t need to see Wild Hogs. What was The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 all about I’m still wondering (not really). My point is how could you not like Vinnie he’s the man. First impression this look like a sequel of Swordfish. Thats not a bad thing except no Halle Berry smile. Keeping with the political times the movie incorporates technology and evolving terrorist. Can’t those guys ever take a break. Is there vacation for terrorist. One week at the beach with lovely sites to see and you’ll feel like a new man or woman.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays James Reece a aid for the US Ambassador in Paris. Reece moonlights as spy doing menial work but yearns to do real spy work. Be careful what you pray for. Reece has a girlfriend Caroline played by Kasia Smutniak. Reece gets the call to team up with a man being held by airport police. His orders are to help in what ever Charlie Wax says played by John Travolta. Charlie Wax looks like a biker not a spy. Not exactly the best cover but what the heck its Vinnie. The two clash and Reece feels his being taken for a ride. I have to say Charlie Wax came to kick ass and a nice job he did. I like the fighting scenes with Reece just watching in amazement I felt the same way. It’s strange one minute his smiling with that dimple of his. Next his jamming part of a gun into a man’s throat. Some how its a plan to stop terrorist. If Charlie Wax hadn’t told us I might of completely missed it. The surprise of the movie is Reece’s lovely girlfriend. Does anyone really know another person. Caroline seems like a guys dream come true turns out she’s planning the end of the world. To top this mess she proclaims “I’m at peace” sorry I don’t see explosion peace! My ideal peace is at the beach having the best cigar ever with just a slight breeze Ah! Well Reece and Wax turn out to be a good team and save the day. I’m starting to like this idea of happy endings. (its a long story)

The action was entertaining throughout the movie. The character of Charlie Wax starts full of himself which misses something or maybe just too much. Travolta can still hang with the young pups and maybe teach a trick or two. Jonathan Rhy Meyers has done some nice work. One of my favorite movie with Meyers was Match Point. I loved the line “its better to be lucky than good” sometimes I shamelessly use it with the biggest smile. I read bad reviews but I liked the movie. The violence was quick. There was fighting, guns and a car chase with a rocket launcher good times. I would say pretty clean movie considering movies today. Some ninety minutes of kicking butt now thats what I call bonding pass the popcorn!


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