The Wolfman 2010

You know I can’t remember any favorite werewolf movie. It’s not that I don’t like werewolf’s. I guess I’m more of a vampire fan. I wonder if werewolf’s are over shadowed by vampires? They seem to be connected. Vampires and werewolf’s make good adversaries. Like movies Underworld, Van Helsing and of course the popular Twilight series. Not really in the forefront more of a supporting role. Nevertheless werewolf’s add to the mystery of the supernatural.

Benicio Del Toro heads the story as Lawrence Talbot. He’s a theater actor, after a show he is visited by his brothers wife. Emily Blunt plays Gwen Conliffe. She ask Lawrence to help, her husband has been missing. Soon Lawrence returns home. Seems to be friction with his father Sir John Talbot played by Anthony Hopkins. The body of the missing brother is found. As Lawrence goes in Town the people seem clueless. That seem really dumb especially later on. What is more on focus is the evolving tension between father and son. In the mix the widow and Lawrence keep staring at each other you just know whats going to happen. There seems to be a lot of starring in this movie. Hugo Weaving as Abberline the inspector not as charming or fearless just ok. The werewolf action to me is too little. The action it has is good very brutal with a traditional werewolf look I think. The fight between father and son is decent. The story overall lacked something to remember.

In short for this movie it lacked. The father who stares more than speaking. Benicio Del Toro was reflective as usual. Emily Blunt in mourning just adds to a downer overall. No comic relieve or some kind of break from all the seriousness. Who’s the werewolf was decent but not enough to keep the story interesting. The biggest disappointment is the lack of action for a werewolf movie I was expecting some visual core. Not one bar maid got slashed come on people. Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro are big names but that alone does not make a movie great. This movie isn’t available on Redbox I would wait for it. For a buck how bad could a movie be?


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