Night Train 2009

I saw the cover it caught my eye. Leelee Sobieski holding a meat cleaver on a train. This sounds like the odd kind of movie I just love. Sobieski is so odd, very beautiful and strange at the same time. Mix in Danny Glover and Steve Zahn. The story at first seems a straight forward story. Put in a situation would you do the right thing? Temptation and greed make for a powerful thriller. The cast is good but its Leelee Sobieski that shines in all her odd beauty. The scene in a train and in a cold winter add the perfect back drop. The movie would have been just fine with greed being the only driving force but we get more. The prize in the mysterious box turns out to be something more perhaps evil. Turns out anybody who looks into the box dies before sunrise. Despite its danger many seek it. Turns out all the passengers have a part seeking the box.

Danny Glover plays Miles the train conductor. Leelee Sobieski is Chloe White a medical student on her way to see her parents. Steve Zahn plays Peter Dobbs a struggling salesman. The train makes a stop and a man boards carrying a gift box. Once under way Miles goes to collect money from the man and discovers he’s dead. The salesman looks in the box along with Chloe. They convince the conductor Miles to keep the box and get rid of the body. Chloe the clever medical student comes up with the idea to cut up the body and throw in over a river the train will soon pass over. The trio thinks its done but its only begun. At the next stop a man comes aboard asking about a man he is too meet. Miles tries to hide the truth but it soon escalates. The salesman Peter ends up shooting this stranger. Not long after the train is stopped by the police who found body parts on a frozen river.

I love how the movie develops and escalates in complexity. Turns out the box shows the viewer his deepest desire. With your dreams just in reach apparently you become willing to kill for it. This was one fun thrill ride. All the passengers get into the fun. I have to say the story was key. Good cast to realize this crazy story. Danny Glover as the good guy, Steve Zahn seem like the many victims and Leelee Sobieski as the greed in all of us. Leelee has this spark in her eye likes shes mad or possessed by some terrible demon. To me this is such a fun time. I highly recommend this flick.


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