Spread 2009

With this movie I wondered if I ever knew or even heard of any guy like this. Someone who sleeps with rich women so he could live in luxury with them in a nice home hence the name Spread. This has to be the longest question ever sorry! But very short answer of No! Maybe because women don’t go around talking about their lovers, not that I know rich women and their lovers either. Perhaps nobody really cares. Women will talk of other women and their behavior. Men don’t bother with the actions of other men. This means nothing to the movie except something I thought after the movie.

Starring Ashton Kutcher who plays the drifter gigolo Nikki. It seems funny but Nikki seems like a boy not someone who charms women and has them take care of Him. Well maybe thats part of the attraction. The newest lady for Nikki is Samantha played by Anne Heche. This role was very good for Heche. She is very classy and sexy. Heche shows off her sex appeal with lots of steamy scenes. It makes sense its an adult movie with mature topics. Forget it lets just move on. Nikki has a friend Harry (Sebastian Stan) sort of pals. Harry is trying to learn from Nikki. Lots of sexy ladies all over the place. Theres the old cliché about men afraid of commitment. Well there is truth to that but hey its just so boring. It is interesting the dynamics of the relationships with Nikki. For most part he uses people but for a while they put up with him. Nikki meets Heather a waitress at a diner. She plays the exact game and Nikki doesn’t see it that was really funny. The world of the high society has its problems just like everybody else except with a lot of money.

The end is not glamorous but perhaps honest coming from a place of excess. Nikki falls in love with Heather but she marries a man Nikki helped her meet. Heather had broken up with her rich suitor but Nikki failed to act and loses her. Hitting a complete bottom Nikki survives and finds a person he didn’t’ know himself. I can appreciate the road getting lost and finding some kind of peace with the world. This movie is not for everyone due to its mature nature but it can be seen more than an erotic tale. But theres no reason to apologize for a beautiful women.


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