I Sell the Dead 2008

Picture yourself camping, the great outdoors sitting by a camp fire telling stories. This is the feeling I get with this movie. What is a good camp fire story you ask? For me it has to include a scary part and of course laughter along the way. Grab your marshmallows and hot chocolate. I love the 19th century English taverns full of superstitions and plenty of laughs.

Willie Grimes played by Larry Fessenden is headed to the guillotine. His partner Arthur Blake played by Dominic Monaghan is waiting for the same fate. Blake receives a visit from Father Duffy played by Ron Perlman. Father Duffy wants Blake’s confessions. Our tale starts with a young Blake first meets Willie Grimes robbing graves. It seems pretty typical story of needing money at desperate times. Until Blake starts to talk about the undead. Willie and Arthur find a woman in a grave with garlic around her neck and a wood stake in her heart. Arthur removes the garlic and wood stake. As they prepare the wagon the body disappears only to attack them down the road. If you can’t tell this is the funny stuff. Another adventure Arthur recalls is when they meet up with Cornelius Murphy (John Speredakos). Murphy is their competition. The boys discover a frozen alien body. Murphy shows up to steal the body for himself. In their struggle the alien is beamed up by ship, I think. Father Duffy is especially interested to know more about the Murphy’s. Willie and Arthur get a tip from the tavern owner that some bodies need to be brought to town and worth a lot of money. Murphy has been hired but would not be there till morning. After some discussion with Fanny Byers (Brenda Cooney) an apprentice and girlfriend of Arthurs. The boys and Fanny set out to find the crates.

The horror is pretty clean, OK at least to me. The story is good with laughs throughout the movie. Dominic Monaghan does a nice job telling the story. Who doesn’t like Ron Perlman. I can’t forget Angus Scrimm as Dr. Vernon Quint. I will never forget the Tall Man in Phantasm. Sometimes I don’t know the English terms but I get the gist of them. The main thing its entertaining, right! It was a throw back to the classic horror flicks. Lots of smoke and piercing stares. The movie is a little gem that makes movie watching fun.


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