Edge of Darkness 2010

Watching the trailer for this movie. I thought of Taken with Liam Neeson, I was wrong. Wrong that there is some violence but in certain places. No bad guy is going to get it like Payback with Mel Gibson. Maybe you remember that little gem with Lucy Liu. This movie is more for the times. With government cover ups and big corporations doing what ever they want. I guess its a formula to get you to relate and hopefully dive right in. Mel Gibson portrays a grieving father first and closely second a police detective. The situation nobody could imagine Gibson travels through hopelessness and justice.

Starring Mel Gibson as detective Thomas Craven who is picking up his daughter from the airport. Bojana Novakovic plays Emma Craven. Emma coughs up blood and tells her father Thomas they need to go to the hospital. She says theres something I should of told you. They step out of the house and some one yells Craven and shoots Emma. The scene is very sudden and very powerful did not expect that caught me by surprise. Ray Winstone plays Jedburgh a man who fixes situations in what ever way he sees necessary. He is hired to make sure the government is not involved. As detective Thomas tries to gather himself the chess ponds are being moved. Danny Huston plays Jack Bennett his the big corporation bad guy. It’s always the same. At first they are a business man kind and considerate but later real S.O.B! There is a good pace between the cover up and the father Thomas trying to find who killed his daughter. The dialogue with Jedburgh and detective Thomas are interesting. Keeping in mind Jedburgh could decide to kill detective Thomas at any moment. A friend of Emma gives the father a CD that explains the reason for her death. Another sudden scene of violence comes when Melissa (Caterina Scorsone) leaves the car and is suddenly hit by a car. I have to say the selective violence packs a punch. I like the story line nothing you haven’t seen but entertaining just the same. The influence of the corporation and government shows when Bill Whitehouse (Jay O. Sanders) an officer and friend shows up at the house and hands Thomas over to corporate hired killers. Detective Thomas soon puts things together. The end is different but rather confusing I think. Meanwhile Jedburgh is thinking how he wants to deal with the problem. Finding himself with terminal illness and no family. Jedburgh seems to be pondering his job. Worth renting with a good story and surprises along the way.


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