Leon Jimenes

I got this cigar from a La Aurora sampler. This cigar is a Robusto 5 X 50. The wrapper is a very nice looking Connecticut with Dominican binder and filler. Appearance and aroma was promising also like the cigar ban very nice. I like when a Connecticut wrapper has a nice look of leather with a little fuzz on it. Once cut it had a good draw before lighting. Once lit lots of smoke and started a nice even burn. The ash was Grey and pretty tight shape which is always curious to me. One down point for me it seem to have an unpleasant after taste. I don’t know for sure if its harsh or something kind of musky either way not appealing to me. I made one adjustment and re-lit towards the end. The cigar smoked the same from start to finish. I found it very mild which is not really my preference. This is my first time smoking this cigar it has not left a good impression. I don’t think I would try again. That said the cigar did have its moments but that after taste was not welcomed. You could find them at a low price. I find the price range might reflect what your getting. I read La Aurora makes them but I feel I was sold something else when I thought I was getting La Aurora cigars. Reminds you to look at the fine print. Live and learn baby!


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