Daybreakers (2009)

Ah! yes the vampire fad continues. The other day I walked by the book aisle at a Target store and there were a tot of vampire books, the sections was called young adults. Just that you classify it turns me off. It happens all the time. I find something I come to love and mass productions takes over. For all I know the writers could be good but mass quantity usually loses its magic. This movie rides between popular for the masses and nostalgic old vampire tale. Hmm! That doesn’t sound so bad does it. Ethan Hawke plays reluctant vampire scientist so boring. I don’t like wimpy vampires, its so wrong to take life. Its the most basic instinct from all life to survive. Does it make it more compelling maybe. Id rather see a confident hunter with all the lure vampires use to conjure.

The story takes place in the future after a virus has change people into vampires. All humans left are farmed for their blood. Each day vampires are starving. Interesting side affect when a vampire goes without blood he becomes a hideous bat like creature. (Hey that was cool!) The old lore of vampires are into practice in the story. The sun kills vampires and wood stakes are bad to your life. Every one did their business during the night and confined themselves under cover during the day. Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) has the task to find a blood substitute before vampires turn into rabid animals. No one knows how long a vampire could go without blood but its not suggested. Edward gets into a car accident only to find the other cars passengers are human. He meets Audrey Bennett played by Claudia Karvan. Audrey meets with Edward and ask for help. She ask Edward to meet during the day. Edward meets at this huge tree. Who does he meet Lionel ‘Elvis’ Cormac played by Willem Dafoe. Cormac was a vampire once but became human again. He’s the answer for the cure and they need the help from Edward to figure how this actually happen. As side stories Sam Neil plays Charles Bromley he controls a company that will sale the blood substitute and make tons of money. Bromley has a daughter Alison Bromley who refuses to change into a vampire. Edward has a brother who likes being a vampire and is in the military hunting for hidden humans. The race is on for a cure and a permanent dominance of vampires or human salvation.

I like toys and in the future there are cool toys. The cars had windows covered from sunlight, cameras let the vampires drive. I like the vampire that breaks into Edwards house. He has turned into a primitive vampire but he was more interesting than the every day vampires that were very human. The movie had a decent pace, the story developing but no real frills either. One of my favorite vampire movies is Blade: Trinity mainly because of all the great characters like Parker Posey who makes no excuse for being a vampire, I loved it. The best I can say its a decent movie worth renting. It’s not the worst but rather in the middle. Thats not necessarily a bad place to be.


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