Legion (2010)

If I had any common sense I would not have rented this movie. But my curiosity gets the better of me. I only hope the trailer is not the best the movie has to offer. Right off the bat I think of the movie Prophecy the original with Christopher Walken. This is not as good. Whats different in this new movie. The start of the problem is that God has lost hope for humans. I never thought it was possible but give us enough time and we don’t disappoint. What is the same is the angels from heaven are kind of jerks. Well not all are bad (kidding) Why does heaven need soldiers, the idea escapes me. When dealing with fantasy you really have to keep an open mind. Unfortunately not all fantasy movies are equal.

Paul Bettany plays Michael and he’s been ordered to exterminate human kind. Michael still believes in humanity. Michael believes God will soon believe as he does. In order for this to happen there is a young lady expecting a child soon. Her son will give that chance once again. (This sounds familiar) I Kidd I Kidd! Charlie is the expecting mother played by Adrianne Palicki. Jeep Hanson played by Lucas Black. Jeep is in love with Charlie and kind of looks after her. This all takes place in the middle of nowhere. A diner run by Bob Hanson played by Dennis Quaid, yeah thats Jeep’s father. Charles S Dutton is Percy Walker working at the diner. Theres a couple with their daughter. The lost traveler is Kyle Williams played by Tyrese Gibson. Pretty soon an elderly woman Gladys Foster (Jeanette Miller) arrives at the diner. She orders a raw steak and tells Charlie she and her baby are going to die. Soon Michael shows up. Everyone at the diner knows something is wrong. Michael tells them to defend the mother and her baby for the sake of humanity. There is a lot of killing what looks like zombies. I can’t forget the weird ice cream truck driver. The idea is angels have taken over normal peoples bodies. The big finale is when angel Gabriel (Kevin Durand) is sent to finish the job. Michael and Gabriel have a cool fight. All the diner patrons escape out the back door while all the angel possessed zombies just stand there. It turns out Michael is smarter than Gabriel, a little angel rivalry going on.

Considering the fantasy topic and don’t want to be too picky. My biggest problem are gaps in the story. Fantasy or not the story needs to make some kind of sense right! The cast was decent but not really grab you and relate to. Too many whys to even get into. Suppose the people stayed in the diner and one by one where killed by the angels outside through some inventive ways? Maybe I little to cheer for the hopeless humans that are so good at killing everything. Some one kill the script and write in some humor and creative angels. Most of the time I think hey it was only a buck not bad. This time I’m glad it was only a buck. Did that make sense? Some movies should go straight to public television edited for time. This way we are spared the whole enchilada.


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