Montecristo Xanadu

I like to pick one of these at the local smoke shop from time to time. It’s been resting peacefully in my humidor for a while now. I’ve had this cigar before and it was a pleasure to smoke. I believe its a Robusto size 5 X 50. Glass tubes wrapped in cedar. I like its looks with the usual band of Montecristo. Nicaragua wrapper, Dominican binder and filler. This cigar had some discoloration of maybe a film of something. Cutting it I think I cracked the wrapper a bit. Did not affect the draw at all in fact the draw was perfect. Surprising to me it seem a bit dry. I need to check my humidor we can’t have the wrong humidity. Still with these issues the cigars quality stood out. It’s suppose to be a full bodied cigar. I found it very mild with a creamy taste. The aroma around me was nice. Even burn without any re-lightning & a long ash. With the day being so nice and a Xanadu cigar makes even Kings jealous. The cigar burn pretty quick but I enjoyed it just the same. Towards the end there was a lot spice on my tongue. Not as memorable as I remember but I would buy again. I don’t think I would buy a box but I like it once in a while smoke. It’s mostly Montecristo tends to be more expensive and I think there are just as good cigars for less, that’s just me.


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