The Lovely Bones 2009

Before I watched the film, I heard about the movie. Strange but good movie. A review called it beautiful imagery. I guess the strange is the subject of an after life. Seeing the life of a serial killer through the perspective of a ghost. Giving meaning to life and death. All subjects I feel I know very little. It’s a very good story along with very approachable characters. The images are very neutral but compelling. Nothing I expected and It turn out interesting surprise.

Starring Mark Wahlberg as Jack Salmon. Rachel Weisz as Abigail Salmon. Jack & Abigail are married and have children. Susie Salmon played by Saoirse Ronan narrates her story. Susie shows us her life before and after her murder. Her killer George Harvey played by Stanley Tucci. Stanley does a great job as a serial killer. Very convincing in his obsessive personality. Susie after her death goes through a series of vistas of a world believe to be between life and death. Susie sees her parents Jack & Abigail and their own grieving process. Its very emotional and the cast really take you in this unfamiliar realm. Susan Sarandon plays Grandma Lynn which I think had some funny moments because grandma Lynn likes to drink and take pills. She is asked to help around the house because Abigail is having a problem getting anything done. Susie watches her younger sister Lindsey Salmon grow up. Susie watches sister Lindsey experience her first kiss. Something Susie missed in her short time in life. As the story develops Susie needs to except what happen and let her family move on. Trust that in the world we know there is purpose. We might never have the proof but we must trust love prevails.

The story’s pace kept moving well which I like. Nothing worst than a movie going on and on with pointless scenes. The cast of actors and the script I think were top notch. Wahlberg conveys a caring father willing to do anything for his family. Saoirse Ronan really shines through out the movie, she is the star here. Stanley Tucci has intensity without moving or saying a lot but powerful. This topic could easily been fake or seem so out there you loose connection. Its stays within real characters and dances just on the edge of the unknown. Well at least unknown to me. I would definitely recommend this movie.


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