Broken Embraces 2009

I’m one who loves foreign films. I tried watching in Spanish without subtitles but I couldn’t keep up. Besides reading subtitles I think foreign films tends to focus on the story to drive the movie. It seems either I pick them or foreign films are mainly about love and the complex human experience. More widely I can say its about love for life. The love of films and its beauty. The story of a blind man who writes but was once a director. I guess your pretty famous film or not when a beautiful woman he just meets and has sex with him. Intros are so important they set the mood if done right. Don’t worry its pretty PG from then on mostly. One thing you have to keep up remember it’s all story luckily there is pause and rewind.

Our famous/lucky blind writer Harry Caine played by Lluis Homar. In the story his real name is Mateo Blanco. Judit Garcia played by Blanca Portillo. She looks after Harry, She seems like a good friend besides managing his writing career. Judit has a son Diego. This seems all pretty normal. Until a man who calls himself Ray X opens the door to the past. Ruben Ochandiano plays Ray X who is the son of Ernesto Martel who has recently died. The story begins to reveal when Harry was Mateo the director. Mateo was casting for his new film when he meets Lena played by Penelope Cruz. I have to say I have not had enough of films where Penelope Cruz is the subject of desire. She is simply nice to look at. Now Lena has a sick father but has no money. Her employer Ernesto Martel helps her and is later seen with her as lovers. During the filming Lena and Mateo begin an affair. Ernesto with the help of his son becomes jealous and sets out to sabotage the film. Lena and Mateo have a tragic accident it seems Ernesto might of had a hand in the accident. Judit has been away on business. When she returns she has her own story to tell. Harry, Judit & Diego begin to face the past.

The story was interesting it seem predictable. The love affair is where Penelope Cruz is suppose to shine and she does. Early on I figured Diego would have a surprise role. Pretty standard yet worth watching especially if you haven’t seen many foreign films. I think Ernesto Martel could have been more sinister but he loved Lena too much. What strikes me the most is that Mateo didn’t know if Ernesto had anything to do with the accident and what happen to the film. That is until the he faced his past and the truth was revealed. Over all good movie worth renting.


2 thoughts on “Broken Embraces 2009

  1. I’ve noticed that Pedro Almodovar has started going only by his last name — I guess he thinks he’s a big star like Madonna now?!?

    I haven’t seen this one but it’s one of the few of Almodovar’s I haven’t seen. In general I love his work, especially “Todo Sobre Mi Madre” and “Volver.” He is one of the few directors who knows how to direct Penelope Cruz so you see what a good actress she is, not just how attractive she is!

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