Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call 2009

I was not aware but there is a 1992 movie Bad Lieutenant. Starring Harvey Keitel which I have not seen yet. Well the title tells it all really. A bad cop in New Orleans. My first impression was haven’t we seen enough bad cop movies already. Recently I could think of Pride and Glory, Streets of Blood and Street Kings. Well one thing about this movie it’s pretty intense the bottom the bad lieutenant falls to. This is no family movie. I thought how could a cop hide his drug use. It is true people give you a pass when they know you. So maybe its a little picky. Oh! Playing the Katrina tragedy seems bad taste.

Nicholas Cage plays Terence McDonagh as Bad Lieutenant. Cage plays a good drug addict. It’s funny he has a bad back, the start of his drug habit. His walk makes me laugh because he looks so high and pathetic. His girlfriend Frankie Donnenfeld a high class prostitute played by Eva Mendez. Mendez looks stunning but I wonder why take movies with such small parts. I don’t know if that entirely fair. I think Mendez needs better roles. Speaking of small parts there is Stevie Pruit played by Val Kilmer. Thats it for Stevie a cameo really. Fairuza Balk plays Heidi another cameo. She looks great in black motorcycle boots. My surprise came with Xzibit plays drug dealer Big Fate. Bad Lieutenant McDonagh is after Big Fate. Believed to have murdered a family for dealing in his territory. Xzibit is a likable character and his the bad guy. His a bad guy thats it no twisted roles. Bad Lieutenant McDonagh receives medals buy crosses all lines between police and criminal.

Sometimes the camera angle or just the lens seem like a amateur film. Something weird was going on with animals it was irritating. The movie had hard core grit and Nicholas Cage plays bottom of life forms very well. Some how things worked out and he continues. Take out the weird lens thing and Cage maybe tone down the sleazy. Maybe you have a movie worth recommending. The movies mentioned before would be better time spent. Thinking of a bad cop movie that was memorable I think of Internal Affairs. Richard Gere plays a great bad cop. Thats how you play rotten good story too!


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