Nine 2009

Just a couple post back I mentioned I didn’t like musicals. Here I am posting on a musical. In general I don’t like musicals. What got my interest was the big name ladies in the movie. It’s about an Italian director surrounded by the beautiful women in his life past and present. The self absorbed director played by Daniel Day-Lewis. The man was so thin I guess that was a result of living his life style. The famous director Guido Contini had the world at his finger tips. Getting everything you want has its price. Soon like so many stories of fame and excess he becomes jaded. Makes me feel so sad (sarcasm) but really nothing new and potentially boring movie. But what shines are the ladies in their individual performance. Judi Dench as Lili does a nice song with a young Guido Contini first falling for beautiful woman. Penelope Cruz as Carla the current mistress shows off her sexy personality I say bravo! Even Sophia Loren plays mama a very sexy Italian icon nice to see her. A lady from Guido’s past was Saraghina played by Stacy Ferguson (aka Fergie) impressive who sings top notch. Not just pretty but very powerful voice surrounded by beautiful dancers. It’s odd seeing actresses I have seen in many films. They are just surprising with their dance and song. Kate Hudson plays Stephanie a fashion magazine writer. Stephanie had a great number lots of energy for the always charming Kate Hudson. I don’t think I have changed my mind about musicals. I should mention Guido Contini had his own song and dance not as surprising but very well done. So I save the best for last. The loving wife Luisa Contini played by Marion Cotillard holds on to the man she loves until the breaking point. She plays shy and understanding wife until she has had enough then look out. She puts on a sexy powerful performance that makes me love her even more. The story without the song and dance could have been interesting. The life of a man becoming famous and the surmounting pressures. It must be hard when everyone looks at what your doing all the time. Add a personal life with different woman through out his life. Throw in regrets, unsaid words lost in time. I could see a compelling drama. Especially with the cast to work with amazing. This is like an Olympic team of talented and beautiful women. Will you love musicals maybe, can you appreciate talent absolutely!


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