Don Lino Africa

Don Lino Africa Duma is a robusto size 5 X 50. Looking at this cigar it has a nice feel and appearance from the Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. Nicaraguan Binder with fillers Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua. The wrapper has a peppery taste and smells nice. The cigar is firm with a slight crack at the foot but did not matter. Once lit the draw was decent with a very white ash. It appears very smooth at one point I sense a hint of cedar but quickly faded. As I write there is a lingering in my nose of pleasant earthy tones. I would of liked the cedar to of been more present or other tones but it was a consistent earth throughout. Not bad but not particularly interesting. The burn needed some adjusting but this cigar burn incredibly slow. I smoked it down quite a bit. It was after that I felt its strength in my stomach. I feel mixed about this cigar. It seems it should be a great cigar but I can’t shout out on roof tops. I don’t think it was terrible yet something is missing. I got this cigar in a sampler pack and sat in my humidor for some time. I don’t believe I would buy a box but perhaps if I saw them in a store id buy a single just out of curiosity plus I like a change of pace.


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