Smokin Aces 2: Assasin’s Ball

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like a good shoot out. I’m just assuming you saw the first Smokin Aces. One of my favourite characters is Lazlo Soot played by Tommy Flanagan. Lazlo has some good disguises. Oh! And his a stone cold killer. Vinnie Jones plays Finbar McTeague I don’t recall a movie that Vinnie Jones did not kick ass! As I recall Lester Tremor walks away in the first movie. Played by Maury Sterling, he was one of the crazy skin heads in the first movie. Lester returns with family members. Dad is Fritz Tremor played by Michael Parks. Is it just me or does Michael Parks swear a lot? Lester has a crazy hottie sister, Autumn Reeser plays Kaitlyn Tremor. Talk about dysfunctional family these guys take the prize. Kaitlyn scares and excites all at the same time strange. A nice eye candy addition is Ariella Martinez played by Martha Higareda. Ariella is a real femme fetale. She covers her lip with a poison that kills her victim. The plot similar to the first with the usual twist of course. Tom Berenger plays Walter Weed. The FBI learns Walter Weed has a contract on his head. The contract states he must be killed on april 19th by 3 a.m. or no money. Nothing prepared me for midget clowns. I leave what will happen for you to discover. Yes its violent, crazy and twisted. Can you resist and not see what happens. You are a better person than I.


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