Defendor 2009

I didn’t find it so much of a comedy. The preview look so stupid I thought it would be hysterical. It was offbeat sort of. Woody Harrelson plays a very likable Arthur Poppington. A grown man with a child like mentality. His mother left young Arthur with his grandfather. Growing up with his imagination Arthur believed a comic book hero was needed. Arthur becomes Defendor seeking out his nemesis Captain Industry. After getting beat up Defendor befriends Kat played by Kat Dennings. A prostitute hooked on drugs. They get to know each other in a seemingly cold world. Elias Koteas is Chuck Dooney a cop on the mob payroll. The funny parts are when Defendor confronts Chuck with marbles and angry wasp. Despite its lack of laughs as I thought its still a very likable movie. It’s a story that any one can make a difference. Most that meet Arthur takes a liking to him for his honest personality and courage. His not a very good Hero. His one good friend is always there for him. Paul Carter played by Michael Kelly. Paul tells Arthur just being himself he is just as much a hero to him. It’s a feel good flick I didn’t expect but entertaining. So remember only you can make a difference. Why is doing the right thing seem so corny! Are there any other nerds out there?


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