Pirate Radio

Yes it’s true in the 1960’s in Brittan a rebellious group of DJ’s broadcast from the seas to avoid breaking any laws. Always someone somewhere they want to decide whats best for us censorship. Freedom to be is so fragile at times it’s scary. I have always thought a world without great music to enjoy would be a sad & dull world. Great music of your choosing of course. How many times did you feel like work would never end that day then suddenly a song you love comes on. It seems without thinking your tapping your feet. Spirits are renewed and you made it through the day. I’ll never forget after a heart break I would listen to a certain album over and over. I don’t know why but it was comforting. Pirate Radio embraces music as essential to life. The movie portrays the ridiculous government stance hence the ridiculous names. Jack Davenport plays Dominic Twatt in charge of bringing down Pirate Radio. His boss is Sir Alistair Dormandy played by Kenneth Branagh. A man so uptight and rigid its funny. The DJ’s are a mix bunch, a taste for everybody. The Count is Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Gavin Canavagh played by Rhys Ifans. Nick Frost plays Doctor Dave just to name a few. In the mix is young Carl played by Tom Sturridge. Who is the son of Smooth Bob played by Ralph Brown. There are so many little stories surrounding the music in this ship. We also see the listeners of all ages. Every day people living and enjoying rock & roll. For most part it’s a light hearted humor about the music. The politics and views are more like hints. One could jump on and a good cause I might add. But mainly its about living your life some more messy than others but you call it your own. It was an enjoyable movie with of course great music. I’m just grateful it wasn’t a musical I don’t care for them. I don’t know why I added that bit of information really. Pirate Radio funny worth checking out!


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