Crazy Heart

A tale of a Country singer once on top. Jeff Bridges portrays Bad Blake on a day to day grind. The hard life of heavy drinking and performing on the road. Small town bowling alleys to big arenas. Now a mature man barely holding on from stage to the next town Bad Blake lives up to the name. I have always liked Jeff Bridges. His character is heart breaking and some how we feel for Bad Blake. Too much drinking on top of bad decision send Bad Blake on a constant downward spiral. In one town Bad Blake meets Jean Craddock played by Maggie Gyllenhaal a writer for a news paper looking for a story. The two become involved and the only thing Bad Blake can think about besides the next drink is Jean Craddock. Jean is a single mother with a four year old boy. Jean might feel reserved about Bad Blake but she can’t help fall in love with a man that touches her heart. Sometimes we do thing we know we should not. Bad Blake’s manager sets up a concert with one time partner Tommy Sweet played by Colin Farrell. We get a little feel for the relationship between the two. Mainly it went south but perhaps both were fond of their friendship why else would it hurt. Tommy is successful and needs new songs. He ask Bad Blake to write new material. With some time off Jean visits Bad Blake. In an attempt to be there for Jean and her son. Bad Blake loses the little boy Buddy at a shopping plaza. After help from security the boy is found. Jean decides Bad Blake is too bad for her and the little boy. Bad Blake drinks till he passes out. Next day he ask for help to quit drinking. Bad Blake goes to treatment. After treatment he ask Jean to forgive him. Jean can’t trust the man who lost her son and says goodbye. Some time passes and you see Tommy Sweet playing a new song. Bad Blake gets a check from his manager. Things are looking up for Bad Blake. I thought The Wrestler showed the lowest but Crazy Heart is right there. I don’t like country music at all but I hear like every body else the performance Jeff Bridges did and its worth seeing. I can appreciate the lyrics from a hard life or perhaps an open heart. The movie is an underdog story but its not all happy endings but its hope of the best we can be. I found the songs compliment the story. I thought we hear small bits of celebrities in the newspapers but we don’t know the whole story. Here we go along side and see behind the scenes.


2 thoughts on “Crazy Heart

  1. Yep, Jeff Bridges earned the Oscar for this one — I don’t agree with the people who said it would be a “Lifetime Achievement Award.” He’s the perfect actor to play this character.

    The movie overall, however, I wasn’t as crazy about, particularly the ending. I’m not a person who believes movies based on books should be exactly like the book, but “Crazy Heart” the movie ended on a much cheerier and more fake note than the book.

  2. One bad boy made good was Robert Downey Jr. I was reading how he made it through addiction. Now having a pretty nice acting career. Except I don’t think he sing.

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