Beta Gnome 3

I heard of Gnome 3 the future of computers changing everything. Wow! I had to check out the bold statements. This is a good article for the basics see web site. I must admit I am rather skeptic because I like Gnome as it is now. My attraction has been that I like a minimalist style the less the better. On my desktop I have a top panel and that’s it. I like using Gnome-Do to open applications. Much like Alt+F2 but I think its more intuitive. On my laptop I have a top panel and Awn manager a simple dock looks good too. Loading gnome-shell I get a top panel and Awn manager works with compositing. This works because gnome-shell turns off Compiz. I don’t use much of multiple desktops for everyday use. Once in a while I will have several applications running then I will use at least two desktops. Gnome 3 makes me think this is focused on Netbooks mainly. I guess my laptop would fit under that target. When I started to use it I thought this is terrible. Moving the cursor to the top left for the activities button. I felt I was taking a step backwards. After a week or so the best way I find to use gnome-shell is to learn the hot keys. Use hot key super lets me on or off the activities menu. This is quick and not so bad. Using one desktop and having several applications running at first seem confusing especially when I had the Awn dock off. Gnome-Shell does not have applications minimize I mean you can’t see them if you do minimize unless you go to the activities menu. Now running Awn dock you can see your applications on the dock, I was scared for a minute. There is another way. Still using one desktop and having lets say three applications running. Using hot keys Alt+Tab you can select the application from a window that pops up. Yet another way using hot key super the activities menu will pop up and you simply select the application you want with your cursor. After playing for a couple of days I’m changing my mind about it working for me. I must remember this is a beta version so I hope more features will be added. I have tried other desktop environments like KDE, Enlightment and Xfce. I always return to gnome because its so simple to modify. I would like to easily clear recent documents. Customizing the top panel like color or even content would be a plus. Just for kicks different wallpapers for each desktop would be unique. Last note which I have always said before, you gotta know you hot keys!


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