The Collector 2009

Do you like blood? Do you like blood with heavy music. This roller coaster mayhem is a handful. This is best viewed in the dark with the sound system blaring you will be scared! Starring Josh Stewart as Arkin. Arkin needs money to help his wife. It so happens he’s been planning to rob the house where his working at. Night comes Arkin picks the lock and his in the house. He heads up stairs to the safe. He is not alone. Like a roller coaster that starts up slowly to the top. This is where we are hold on folks this might hurt. The gore reminds me of movies like Hostel. The traps the killer sets all over the house reminds me of Saw movies. Except this movie uses music to add to the intensity. Arkin fits the role some what shy bad guy that tries to do the right thing under the circumstance. It’s been a while since I had such a good time. The movie is full of gore but also clever. The killer with his eyes & mask was scary good. The trunk was a nice touch seems to me there are a few sequels in the works. Not many movies give a scare. Movies like Saw or Hostel to me shock more which is not a bad thing. I little fright from time to time well that’s just quality time. Haha! If your a fan of horror this is a must see!


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