Beta 1 Ubuntu 10.4 LTS

This is a look at the up and coming new version of Ubuntu 10.4 LTS. Coming at the end of April 2010. I’m running as a Live CD instead of installing (I love Live Cd’s) The start up screen is different. You can choose to run the live CD or install on your hard drive. It took a few minutes which seem a little bit longer but it’s a CD so I’m not too concerned. One thing I like a lot is customizing the desktop with themes & icons. The new theme Ambiance is very clean. I liked and used the theme dust. This addition is similar. I’m sure I will use it but I’m sure I will change the Icons at the very least. The top buttons are now at the top left. This is a change I’m not use to but not a big deal. I suppose this is part of the efforts to be as attractive as Apple computers. I’m only concern with an attractive desktop it does not need to look like apple. As usual I use Gnome desktop I like how you can easily modify every aspect you like. For a couple of years now I’ve been using Ubuntu at home and I haven’t looked back. A coworker asked me about trouble he’s having with windows computer and I felt out of touch helping him out. With Linux I really haven’t experienced any problems like that. My biggest problems are learning new things. A couple of weeks ago I thought I would make a DVD from a avi file. I did a search on the web and found instructions and a suggested program called DeVede. A couple DVD’s burned later its pretty routine now. My only problem is video encoding takes a while. I would like an Intel core i7 but that’s another post.

OK! Back to the beta version right. I don’t think it matters too much the kind of computer except for a really old computer. My laptop is maybe a year old but my desktop is a few years older and still feels relevant. Ubuntu has been very good at compatibility in my experience. The Ubuntu Software Center seems more refined. Rhythmbox music player has more on line functions. I’m playing the radio Absolute radio. Of course my WiFi worked with easy set up. I have about four programs open as I write this review and the Live CD is doing fairly well. It’s a little slow on some functions but considering its all running from a cd its pretty good. I want to mention this laptop is a 64-bit computer since I installed Ubuntu 64-bit version at first some functions on the Internet had trouble. With each new version it seems to get better. To cut this off from becoming a book every function of my laptop worked without any tweaking including a usb mouse and usb memory stick. You will notice gimp and google are gone as defaults. I like gimp so installing is easy with the software center. With Firefox yahoo is the default search engine but you can change to your preference. I like to first try the new setup and see how well it works before jumping to conclusions. I look forward to installing the new Ubuntu 10.4 LTS. If you were wondering “Long Term Support” I was. Well happy Tux adventures!


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