Sherlock Holmes 2009

I was looking forward to seeing this movie, maybe a little too much. Not because I love Sherlock Holmes. I think because I have become accustomed to seeing good movies with Robert Downey Jr. One of my favorite movies was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Well besides IronMan which I think was best movie of the year. I don’t know much about Sherlock Holmes except the basic. Guy Ritchie directing sounds interesting. I’m a fan of his movies like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and more recent RocknRolla. All very enjoyable movies I don’t know what is all the fuzz. I think Robert Downey Jr. in this movie is more off than the director. I thought of Sherlock Holmes to be very proper and maybe a little nerdy. Downey’s version of Holmes likes to drink and fight. He seems at odds with the world that is rather boring to him and absent minded with a scientific mind. I agree its more fun and really didn’t reach its idea to full potential. One could think its a good start for at least one sequel. Jude Law play Dr. Watson who is the rational one of the two. A loyal friend who can’t turn his back on his friend. I think Watson is a closet adrenaline junkie or something like that. Appearances he has to be the one with common sense. Downey has all the fun. The scenes with Holmes first thinking about his next moves was different and entertaining. The entire cast added nicely to the story. Mark Strong as Lord Blackwood played a good villain. My favorite bad guy was Dredger played by Robert Maillet. The Dredger is Seven Feet High. The fight scenes with Holmes were great what a good time. Throughout the movie there were some great laughs which is nice moving a story along. Holmes would experiment on Watson’s dog which spent most of the time sleeping. Irene Adler the love interest of Holmes. Irene is played by the very sweet Rachel McAdams. I could she her charming someone out of just about anything. I would give her my two pennies. Holmes and Watson’s intellect did show and they did uncover the criminals. Seems that aspect was more secondary. Being brave and dashing was more the forefront allowing the movie to be light and fun. I would say don’t miss it good laughs bring popcorn!


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