Red Cliff 2008

A long long time ago. There was a great battle of might and strategy. The final stand was fought at Red Cliff. Cool huh! As I started watching this movie the voice over seem pretty funny to me. I soon focused on all the visual landscape. Very entertaining fight scenes. The movie is grand a nice job done from director John Woo. A surprise to me the war was about a woman. Perhaps it was about ruling all the land and the prize was a woman. Men! we are so predictable. We want all the toys and the prettiest girl. Whether its 208 A.D. Or present day 2010 same story. The movie showed fighting but also the lives of the leaders and their way of life. A person who can appreciate tea or a song perhaps values life more and is in turn a better fighter. I don’t know but I like to think so. Men who seen war wished to never fight again yet they were good at fighting. I’ve always like this dilemma with Asian movies. Philosophy being a central part of a warrior. The main story is the greedy Cao Cao seeking to unite China. Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang team up to fight Cao Cao. Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang become friends and forge the strength to fight their enemy. The object of beauty and desire is Xiao Qiao. The story is complex as are the fighting scenes. Part of my appeal is the strategy Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang come up with in defeating a larger army. Based on location and weather including deceiving your enemy until the last moment of your plans. As a fan of Mixed Martial Arts these stories are the foundation of brave warriors past that inspire. Very entertaining and not all macho spear thrusting. But there is plenty of that! he he! This one should not be missed.


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