5 Vegas Gold

With spring comes renewed spirits heading outdoors. Old men catching some sun and having a cigar. It’s been too long since I had a real cigar. Starting out with a mild cigar. I received some samples of 5 Vegas Gold some time ago. I have a Toro size 6 X 50. I like the gold band very bright really stands out. The wrapper is a Connecticut leaf which is usually a smooth finish to any cigar. This wrapper had some visible veins and maybe a little dry. Which is more to do with my humidor. Lighting was quick and even with lots of smoke. A nice Connecticut wrapper gives a mild smooth earthy taste. I’m not sure but I thought I sense a mild sweet taste but quickly faded. To me the cigar is definitely mild. Very good morning or mid day smoke. The ash was dark and not very pretty but held well at least an inch. The burn from start to finish was even evidence of a quality cigar. I prefer medium to full cigars. With the sun on my face and this mild cigar I felt like taking a nap, it was very relaxing. The smoke lasted a little over an hour. Just perfect time to enjoy such a nice day. My experience with the brand 5 Vegas is very good especially with 5 Vegas Classic which I need to review next. Good quality and a great price. Good cigars to always have in my humidor.


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