Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day

The original movie is one of my favorite movies. I tell anyone who would listen to watch Boondock Saints. In this sequel we see the brothers and their father living in Ireland. Gun fighters turn farmers you just know this wont last. The MacManus brothers have long hair and beards. I think they should of stayed that way. That would have been great. But they cut their hair and shave to return to their vigilante status. The brothers are Sean Patrick Flanery as Conner and Norman Reedus as Murphy. Noah is the Father played by Matthew Lemche. Rocco from the original played by David Della Rocca who is in the movie in spirit of the Boondock Saints beginnings. He was great in the original as comic relief. The mob draws the Saints back to action. On their way back to America on a boat. The brothers meet new side kick. Clifton Collins Jr. plays Romeo a tough Latino. Like Rocco he’s not too bright but very tough but he cries from time to time. Nowhere near as funny as Rocco but Romeo does a decent job as a side kick. The green detectives from the original are back but not very funny. William Dafoe has a cameo so there is a new FBI agent. William Dafoe was great in the original, pretty hard to top that character. Julie Benz takes on the task as Special Agent Eunice Bloom. Julie Benz is very pretty woman and I love her accent in the movie. Again not as good as the original but I can’t say it was terrible. My favorite add on or expansion to the original. The father Noah in his youth had a friend who is revealed to be his adversary. Years later he is known as The Roman. The suspense can you feel it. Peter Fonda plays The Roman. What a classic character he plays truly a classic actor. I remember the movie 3:10 To Yuma as a lawman another classic character. One thing for sure in this movie there were parts that had me laughing. I say its decent probably because I love the original so much. So I say a decent sequel worth renting assuming you’ve seen the original first. It’s a classic Boondock Saints


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