Alessio Sakara vs. James Irvin
I have seen both fighters win big and loose bid. Both fighters have good power. I don’t think either fighter stands out above the rest in one area in the ring. They are both looking to stand and knock out their opponent. On that note makes for a good opening fight for the night. I wanna say Irvin has the edge. I like his hand speed and is accurate to land a knock out often. Very important when fighters meet in the octagon trading punches. I notice good punchers throw their punches straight and don’t over extend their bodies. Usually Irvin is good at this. I don’t believe either fighter will want to take the fight to the mat. I see James Irvin winning by Knock Out.

Cheick Kongo vs. Paul Buentello
I expect Cheick Kongo to come out strong after his train wreck with Frank Mir. Kongo has excellent stand up. When he can keep distance and strike he is the most affective. Paul Buentello is a veteran I have seen him fight a couple of times. Not really impress but I believe he is a tough fighter. This seems a good match for Kongo to get back on the winning side. I expect the fight to stay on their feet trading punches. Kongo has powerful leg kicks that could easily end the fight early. With a mix of kicks and punches I would be surprised if I didn’t see Kongo’s hand being raised. You have to give Paul Buentello a punchers chance. If Kongo takes him lightly look out its lights out. Their not veterans for nothing. Still I see Cheick Kongo win by Technical Knock Out (I mean the ref. Stops the fight)

Junior Dos Santos vs. Gabriel Gonzaga
I believe Gabriel Gonzaga has the talent to be a champ but fights have escaped him. I suspect when in trouble he has not fought through it. I’m speaking of the fight with Randy Couture but Randy is one of the best also. He also lost to Shane Carwin who Gonzaga had in trouble but lost. I said before straight punch landed from Carwin and it was over. Gonzaga can have a good night and look unstoppable. Junior will have different plans. I believe Junior can pressure his opponent and set up a knock out. I think Junior is the worst style for Gonzaga. Gonzaga could have success taking the fight to the mat. Gabriel is heavier and excellent ground skills. I’m leaning towards Junior Dos Santos tenacity to overwhelm Gonzaga. Junior Dos Santos wins by decision

Brandon Vera vs. Jon Jones
Brandon Vera is like Gabriel Gonzaga that he has all the talent but has not put it together as wins. What I remember of Vera’s recent fights he hesitates waiting on his opponent. Early fights he was aggressive landing kicks and punches. Vera had effective kicks that helped him win fights. All that seems of no consequence when your fighting Jon Jones. I don’t think Vera could take Jones down and keep him on the mat. Vera is best stand up kick boxing. Jon Jones strikes from all angles and has excellent wrestling. Jones could take Vera down and deliver some ground barrage. Jones will keep the fight standing and look for the knock out. Too much talent for such a young fighter. Vera would have to fight a perfect fight which he has the talent but rarely seen. Jon Jones wins by Technical Knock Out


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