Fake Identity aka Double Identity

Val Kilmer, you never know what to expect. Then you get surprised. I didn’t know he had it in him. But he’s been surprising for a while now. Some surprises like Felon, Wonderland, Moscow Zero, Stateside, Red Planet and The Saint just to name a few. Yet I’m not sure he’s a household name. Kilmer plays an American doctor Nicholas Pinter in Chechnya doing volunteer work. On his way to deliver a baby they stop only to run into a mystery woman. Next thing he is mistaken for some kind of a spy. It only gets more complicated from here. Russian mob & British Secret Service struggle to get an upper hand on a diamond business. Caught in the middle is Dr. Pinter. Mystery woman is Katrine played by the sexy Izabella Miko. Ms. Miko was in The Forsaken. Maybe its just me but I liked her insane stare. Katrine doesn’t want anything to happen to the doctor knowing he is innocent in all this. Katrine is the girlfriend of Serik (Hristo Shopov) Russian Mob. Katrine also working with British Secret Service just to complicate it further. I liked the pace of the movie. There was some decent action scenes but mainly each character playing their part in deceiving others. It had its twist but not so much it drives you crazy because you just don’t care to follow a math equation. No this was an entertaining surprise. I was looking through the Isles of movies to rent and I spotted this movie. Sometimes you find a surprise and other times you waste a couple of bucks. Its the chance I take baby!


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