The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Looking at the cast of this movie looked very enticing. Starring Robin Wright Penn as Pippa Lee. Alan Arkin as Herb Lee. Pippa and Herb just moved into a retirement community. Pippa with time on her hands begins to recall her life. Her memories start with her mother played by Maria Bello as Suky Sarkissian. I think Maria Bello does an excellent job. She puts a lot of intensity in her characters. Pippa’s mother Suky had a pill problem. Putting tension between mother and daughter, sort of a love/hate relationship. Through Pippa’s life retrospect she meets the neighbors son coming home. Keanu Reeves plays Chris Nadeau. I like Neo don’t get me wrong but his non expression makes me laugh every time. Pippa’s life gets interesting thanks to Blake Lively playing teenage Pippa. After years of watching her mother on pills and mood swings young Pippa leaves home. Whats funny is she starts in on pills not caring about her life. Soon she meets Herb at a beach party. Pippa and Herb start to have a courtship. Herb is married to Gigi Lee played by Monica Bellucci. Monica is charming and sultry nice to see her in a film again, one of my favorite screen beauties. Gigi has Herb and Pippa for dinner before the divorce is final. Gigi commits suicide in front of Herb and Pippa. Pippa felt safe with Herb but also responsible for Herb and they got married. The film lays out Pippa’s life by looking back in the past and mixing it with the present. I think this is done very well. The story develops in a comprehensive time line which is a tricky thing. There are too many in the cast to name all. Very good cast making the film seem effortless. Our lives with the choices made can be a compelling story. Especially if we are free from our past giving way to a new start.


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