2012 movie

I don’t know why people are obsess with the end of the world. I thought I wouldn’t watch this movie but I’m weak I tell ya! Starring John Cusack and Amanda Peet. Jackson Curtis and Kate Curtis who are separated and have two kids. They are going through there lives like anybody else. Meanwhile Adrian Helmsley played by Chiwetel Ejiofor with fellow colleague discover the earths core is heating beyond normal. All the powers that be decide to have a meeting an set in motion a plan. This starts in 2009 to 2012 as earthquakes begin to become every day occurrence. As luck would have it Jackson takes his kids to Yellowstone. They come across a fence and decide to see what is going on. The military tells them to stay in the campground this area is not safe. At the campground Jackson meets Charlie Frost played by Woody Harrelson. Charlie is a little crazy as a conspiracy theorist. Charlie explains what nobody else knows its the end of the world and the Mayans had predicted it years ago. Naturally Jackson thinks this is nuts. I mean the government would tell you if this was real wouldn’t they? Jackson’s job at the time is a chauffeur driving a limousine for a wealthy man Yuri. Yuri gets a call and needs to get to the airport right away. Jackson picks up Yuri’s two sons and heads to the airport. One of the sons makes a comment that alerts Jackson that maybe something is up. Soon the earth is coming apart something is definitely wrong. Jackson heads home to his kids and ex wife.

This is a roller coaster ride some of it seems ridiculous but who is to say. There is quite a supporting cast including Danny Glover as president and Thandie Newton as the presidents daughter. Oliver Platt plays Carl Anheuser arranging the survival of a few humans to carry on. There is a lot of moral hints but more compelling is the human spirit. That is through out the adventures of Jackson and his family. And the demise of Yuri who thought money would keep him safe. Sometimes I think special effects don’t add to a film this movie was borderline maybe because its so unbelievable to think of our own end. I missed it at the theater I think the bid screen would of added to the effects of terror. A modern day Ark for the survival of the species. Not a new story but one that was more science than religious. I thought it would have religious tones but I didn’t get that at all and seems strange. If your like me curiosity will get the better of you and might enjoy this movie. Years after were gone let some species see we have great imagination and love.


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