CAO Gold Honey

With the weather not jet the ideal for cigar leisure. I thought id get some cigarillos. I mean small cigars 4” X 30 in a tin of 10 cigarillos. I usually don’t like flavored cigars but they are a nice change of pace once in a while. If your short of time or just not the weather you like. This small cigar provides a quick smoke. For some reason they don’t make regular cigarillos they are usually flavored. Even a corona size will usually kill an hour easy. In the past cigars from CAO have been high quality. I had a flavored cigarillos before, I think it was Eileen’s Dream. I remember a good experience. Gold Honey is orange blossom honey infused with fine tobacco. The cigarillo looks very good. The tins presentations make me feel like I bought something really special. I open the tin the aroma was different after a minute it registers of a earthy smell. Lighting the cigarillo no problem the smoke is very smooth. There is a subtle sweetness of honey quite nice. After a few minutes I noticed my tongue was slightly numb. Very strange for me but I have to say I like it. I don’t recall how much time this smoke lasted but it was pretty quick. Not really looking for a long ash but it did ash very well. It’s pretty cool that this is a long leaf cigarillo. You can see the leafs rolled from each open end of the cigarillo. I don’t know for sure but I think its a wrapper leaf and the rolled tobacco. A regular cigar consist of rolled tobacco, a binder leaf and the outer finished wrapper leaf. Everything in a cigar are from tobacco leafs. Some differences from cigars and cigarettes. I see in the Internet you can buy the same cigar in regular sizes. I don’t know I would try any just not my thing. The cigarillos are perfect when I want a quick smoke in cold weather and I don’t want to freeze for an hour and half. One time I thought I would put on a sweater and jacket for warmth. After twenty minutes not moving just smoking I froze my butt off never again. Thats not leisure that was torture. Tells us what we want to know or you’ll stay out in the cold smoking a cigar. I can’t think of anything worse. Well thats it Gold Honey is an interesting quick smoke with a twist of taste well worth a try.


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