The Box 2009

Starring Cameron Diaz as Norma Lewis with husband Arthur Lewis played by James Marsden. I would say this is definitely a mystery. Of course Norma pushes the button and they get a million dollars. Once the button is pushed someone dies. Naturally Arthur tries to find out more about this stranger and so the trouble starts. I like movies that reveal at least a tiny idea or conclusion. The movie was all over the place. I don’t know if the devil is at my door or aliens. Not sure if either would be welcomed based on this movie. Could I take a million and know some one died for it. To be honest probably but that’s not the end of it. It’s only the beginning of a series of test. Man that really bugs who the hell do they think they are. Test after test a persons going to fail, its a no win situation. Ok! Is that it its asking the question. I think its not right because its a mind f@$k! The movie itself had me interested of what would happen next. For that its a good mystery. To go in too many directions its frustrating. Come on people have some balls and make a stand. Sorry its just a movie its not real. He!He! Frank Langella as mystery man Arlington Steward was very weird. Yet Langella has a presence about him. His voice so calm has a creepy feel in this movie. I prefer the story along the lines of Aliens. I thought the babysitter would be someone interesting but no just another loose end going nowhere. Maybe I missed parts of the movie did I see the whole thing? Just messing around now. For being weird its worth a watch. Maybe the short story Button, Button was really good but I don’t completely feel it here.


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