Universal Soldier: Regeneration

I couldn’t believe it again! Jean-Claude Van Damme versus Dolph Lundgren. You might recall the first movie Universal Soldier in 1992 back in the day. Lundgren was this soldier with a thirst to kill. He is about to kill a young girl if I remember right. Van Damme comes to stop him. I think an explosion kills both of them. The military uses them for an experiment to make perfect soldiers. This is important because the movie builds on this final confrontation between Van Damme and Lundgren. But to spice it up they add Mixed Martial Arts Andrei Arlovski once a champ in the UFC heavy weight class. Its not surprising not a lot of dialogue here its all about the action. A terrorist group hires a scientist who improves the perfect soldier in NGU as Arlovski. The military reanimates four soldiers to combat this threat. NGU is just to quick and stronger he kicks butt left and right. They have no choice but to bring back the original Universal Soldier Luc Deveraux(Van Damme) who is on vacation with a doctor trying to get him back into society (good luck!) The military doesn’t ask they beat him and take him (love the military). While Luc is getting back to fighting shape there is mayhem everywhere. Luc stares into the vastness and understands this is what he is good at. He willingly volunteers to finish the mission saving everyone from a nuclear cloud. A bunch of terrorist go down(good job) and Luc very calmly walks to his destination(little emotion lots of action). Captain Kevin Burke played by Mike Pyle another MMA fighter. He finds the captive kids and is trying to lead them to safety. Unfortunately he encounters NGU and he fights well but to luck sorry(sssh! its not over). The best dialogue comes from Lundgren. He stands in front of the hostage kids with a knife in hand (remember I built this moment up) Lundgren talks and Luc just stares its almost funny. Lundgren has a great profound serial killer wisdom. They both understand this is their role to play. So the battle Royale is on! For the pure fighting this is a great movie with a lot of moves MMA fans will recognize and love. The story and dialogue, well no ones perfect. Ha! Ha! I love the ending with the military showing their new perfect soldier nice touch!


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