Bronson 2008

I don’t know what to think about this movie. Strange though I was curious to what would happen next. From its insanity for violence I would sometimes laughs from the chaos. The movie states from the beginning “ based on a true story”. I looked it up the movie closely relates to the life of Michael Peterson Aka Charlie Bronson. A nickname he picked up when bare knuckle fighting. Peterson was arrested for arm robbery but with the countless fights in prison he spends 30 years in jail mostly in solitary confinement. Tom Hardy plays Michael Peterson and he does an incredible job. Through out the movie I kept thinking how visual the movie was, it had a creative touch. Its really strange to mix the background with such a violent man. Not sure if this man is crazy or obsessed with being famous for the most dangerous prisoner. Some people would do anything for a little attention. I like off beat movies but this one goes beyond the usual off. The interesting thing is the way the story is told. It has an artsy feel to it. Our own soul released to express it frustration without restraints. Maybe thats just me? If you love movies and all its wonder of the magic of film check out this one. Push the usual and experiment to discover yourself or I should say another side of yourself. Tom Hardy gives us a version of Michael Peterson in its most raw brute force with moments of helplessness. I felt disturbed and laughed, what a strange movie I should see it again.

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