I was pretty excited to watch this one. Sometimes it goes bad when you expect movies to be good. I didn’t think it really deserves an R rating. The whole killing and gore was pretty tame I think. Jesse Eisenberg plays Columbus. First we see Adventureland which was funny loved it. Now Zombieland what’s the deal. I don’t know if their related in any way. Now Columbus is a nerdy kid. So far he’s survived a world of zombie’s. He comes up with rules to survive. If you have watch zombie movies before I think you will find this funny. Columbus first experience with a zombie is with his neighbour. 406 played by Amber Heard. They fall asleep and Columbus wakes up to find his cute neighbour has become a zombie. Columbus teams up with Tallahassee played by Woody Harrelson. Tallahassee is one bad zombie hunter with his own philosophy of surviving. “Enjoy the little things” the rest of the time kick ass! The two make a decent team but I think Columbus was too timid. How timid can you be? Your one of a few survivors in the world with zombies everywhere. Tallahassee was in search of a Twinkie at a store and killing zombies of course. The two meet two young ladies in distress. Only to be tricked out of there guns and Cadillac SUV. Wichita played by Emma Stone and Little Rock played by Abigail Breslin. The girls run out of gas and once again trick Columbus and Tallahassee. This is why the movie should have been PG13 with this kind of foolishness. They all ride together for a while. Columbus immediately likes Wichita. Some light hearted fun goes on. I guess for kicks they throw in Bill Murray. The survivors head to Hollywood and find the house of Bill Murray. Some target shooting and a almost kiss. The girls decide to leave on their own. I purposely left out what happen to Bill Murray its a surprise for you. Wichita promised to take Little Rock to this amusement park. Not thinking about zombies they turn the lights and rides on. They attract zombie from the area, not very smart ladies. But Columbus and Tallahassee come to the rescue for a big finale! The movie is cute with plenty of laughs. If you remember the movie Shaun of the Dead this movie lacks some intensity Shaun of the Dead delivered with crazy laughs mixed in. Not that it was bad just more PG13. Every one lives it this one which is a change of pace. Hardcore cult fans of zombies might feel wanting more. Entertaining for a wider crowd I think. I liked it enough to see again.


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