Law Abiding Citizen

Usually when I read a rating for movies they don’t mean much to me. This movie is rated R for strong bloody brutal violence. You have been warned! Especially the brutal part. There is a lot of interesting sides to this movie. I think its main point is the legal system. It would be too easy to call it a vengeful man going on a killing spree. Even though at its surface you would be right. I thought there were a lot of the characters in the movie asking did I do the right thing. Except for attorney Nick Rice played by Jamie Fox who was determined he was doing his job. Clyde Shelton played by Gerard Butler beliefs the system fails his family and justice did not prevail. Ten years earlier Clyde and his family were victims to a home invasion. Killing his wife and daughter only to see the criminal make a deal and set free. Ten years later Clyde sets in motion a series of killings starting with the two men who killed his family. Attorney Nick Rice and Clyde play a cat and mouse game. The stakes are high lives are on the line. I can’t help try to figure out who if any one is helping Clyde. I did not guess right! I was clued to the screen what will happen next. Gerard has a pretty wide range of movies. You get RocknRolla and then The Ugly Truth both funny movies. Then there’s the dramas like Gamer, 300 and this latest movie. I find it hard not to like the guy. Jaime Fox, I’m not a huge fan but I think his a good actor. I thought he was excellent in Collateral, I like that one. Back to the movie huh! Seems to me the movie was fast paced which adds to the mystery of how a man can be killing people. The whole cast was top notch. I like Leslie Bibb I don’t know why I just do. I would hate to spoil how Clyde was doing his dirty work. This movie makes you think and entertains at the same time. Very well time spent if your not afraid to get a little blood on you.


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