Extract 2009

Reminds me of movies about mid life crisis. Starring Jason Bateman as Joel Reynolds. Joel is a successful business owner but his marriage has become non existent. It appears his only friend is Dean played by Ben Affleck. I love the beard and long hair. His character is a real low life. Only one of many characters in this movie. Joel is married to Suzie played by Kristen Wiig. I love Kristen’s mellow characters they seem so funny to me. With no love at home Joel spend time with Dean who likes too many drugs for any human being. After taking a pill and drinking Joel is talked into hiring a gigolo to seduce his wife. Joels trouble just add up from here. Trouble at work and at home make for funny situations. Joel is just too nice and can’t really get mad at any one. Add in Milla Kunis as a sexy Grifter getting what she can from any one she can. I like this character for Milla. She is cute and behaves so bad its funny. How many times have I said funny already? There are many classic characters like Clifton Collins Jr. as Step kind of a trailer hunting dude. The gigolo played by Dustin Milligan as Brad who is so brain less it hurts. Davis Koechner as the pain in the rear neighbor is perfect I wanted to avoid him. An just for kicks throw in Gene Simmons as a joke lawyer Joe Adler. I’m gonna say it one more time very funny!


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