Whip It 2009

Starring Ellen Page as Bliss. We all know Ellen Page from Juno right. She is cute and a little firecracker and it fits in the story. Teen coming of age with love and finding a direction in life. But roller derby really? Do they still have roller derby? I love the idea cute ladies on skates, nice outfits. Pash is BFF of Bliss both hoping to leave their small home town. Marcia Gay Harden plays determine mother taking Bliss to pageant after pageant. The fun starts when Bliss meets Maggie Mayhem played by Kristen Wiig. I think Kristen is so funny, love the tattoos! The movie is stacked with skate beauties like Eve, Zoe Bell, Ari Graynor, Drew Barrymore and of course Juliette Lewis. I like how Drew Barrymore makes her character slightly different from other movies she’s been in, usually pretty funny. Of course there is Jimmy Fallon, love the name “Hot Tub Johnny Rocket” Through out the movie lots of laughs makes good for the heart. I think the movie has that teen angst with coming of age mixed with first love. I like feel good movies with humor otherwise you lose me. Cute ladies with tattoos on skates whats not to love. Whip It in roller derby as I understand it means a move when a player swings another to advance forward. Goes right along with the theme of the movie I think. Also worthy to mention Drew Barrymore is the director. When I think of a movie that moves along well. Telling the story keeping your interest. I think its the director. Also the feel of the movie and key moments that tell the story. Yes nice feel good flick with plenty of humor make Whip It an enjoyable movie to watch.


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